Our network structured wiring allows us to create a number of different networks within the same wiring framework. Therefore there can be a network for data, a separate network for control and also a network for voice. The voice network is where we connect our unified communications IP telephone system which allows the user to run up to 30 extensions all connected to the same network wiring infrastructure. This system can be designed for a modest 2 bedroom property requiring only 2 to 3 extensions or scaled up for larger properties. This means your system can grow when you extend your property or move to a larger one. Also, the system is very economical to run. Using a SIP trunk, only one PSTN line with broadband is required which provides as many voice channels as the bandwidth allows.

Theoretically, therefore, for a typical 6Mb broadband line 80 simultaneous calls can be made and the call rates are a fraction of the normal BT call rates. So you only end up paying for the BT line rental and all call charges are made to the SIP provider. A particularly nice feature of this system is that should you own a second property, anywhere in the world, you can add an extension at that location, provided there is a broadband connection there and the system will see this extension as an internal extension so all call charges to it are free. You can therefore choose exactly what you need from a telephone system. From simple multiple handsets on a one line SIP set up to full home mini exchanges using multiple SIP trunks. With our knowledge of this market we can offer the right system for all your domestic and business requirements. We can also incorporate door answer/entry systems if required.