Choosing a home cinema system is a difficult decision, even a daunting one, and knowing where to go to find a system can be a hard enough proposition in itself. But finding an independant dealer that can offer the kind of home cinema installation service and expertise required for a high quality home audio and/or home cinema set-up is a vital part of the buying process.In-ceiling or fixed, masking, custom artdesign, acoustically transparent (AT), optical screens,... Choose the right projection screen for your home theatre or media-room.

The centre of many home entertainment systems is the Home Cinema. This can be a flat screen TV with surround sound audio fitted in a general purpose living room or a dedicated theatre room with a projector, raked floor and cinema seats. Whichever is required we can deliver a stunning sound and picture using the latest technologies - but most importantly we make it simple and fun to use! Just press a button, sit back and enjoy your favourite film or sporting event.