How We Do It

There are seven key stages to a Media Max project; all of which focus on providing a bespoke service and design to a client's individual requirements:

  1. Proposal

    Media Max works closely with our clients to explore their requirements in order to ensure these are fully understood before putting our proposed approach together – this includes an on-site visit and in-depth discussion. As part of our proposal, we offer various package options, from gold: highest spec, optimum equipment with superior quality, to bronze: prioritising a client's key requirements to provide cost efficiencies.

  2. Detailed drawings

    Once the ideal solution has been agreed, we draw up and provide the client, and designated project manager, with a detailed wiring design – this is a professional document that experts such as electricians work off for installation, and it is also a graphic representation that the client can peruse to visualise how the end product will be integrated into the property.

  3. Build

    To minimise disruption, all equipment is built and tested off-site by a team of specialists – fitting and wiring as much as is possible in advance helps to ensure that the next stage runs smoothly and efficiently.

  4. Installation

    When it comes to installation, new equipment is brought to site and fitted to make sure all components are fully functioning as intended. The installation process is closely managed by a "hands-on" project manager, and involves regular site visits to monitor that everything is executed as agreed.

  5. Programming

    Once all equipment is in place, and functionality verified, programming can begin – systems will be tailored to provide the optimum deliverable for clients as agreed during the proposal stage.

  6. Demonstration

    Now comes the exciting part…letting the client play with their new system! At Media Max we want to ensure the systems we install meet, if not exceed, client expectations, but we also want to ensure that equipment is user-friendly; therefore a demonstration is invaluable to show the system capabilities and provide hands-on tutorial, if needed.

  7. Support

    At Media Max we are always available to offer help and advice throughout the duration of the project and beyond, if needed – a service contract will be drawn up at the end of the project to offer technical support and updates in line with client requirements.

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  • Sonos
  • Arcam
  • Conrtol 4